Squad program

1. Pre-squad

Pre-Squad is our first introduction into squad training for our swimmers. The vast majority of our Pre-Squad swimmers will have come from and completed our own learn to swim program. The Pre-Squad program is still very much based on the work our swimmers have done at learn to swim but for a longer period of time and with slightly more competitive edge. Pre-Squad swimmers are required to swim a minimum of one session per week. Members of Pre-Squad who have come through our learn to swim program must have attained their Seal level II certificate before participating in this program.

2. Black-squad

Black squad is aimed at our kids who do not look to compete but still wish to continue swimming. Black squad sessions are one hour long with no requirement on how many sessions they must attend. Black squad sessions are heavily focused on technique work and drills with an element of distance to improve the swimmers’ fitness. Swimmers who attend black squad tend to be of age 10+ and have typically progressed from our Pre-Squad program.

3. Junior-squad

Junior Squad is our first squad that begins training in the 25m pool.* Our focus in junior squad is still solely on technique and building on the skill sets learnt and developed from Pre-Squad. Our goal in Junior Squad is to maintain the good technique learnt from pre-squad and to further enhance the swimmers' skill set whilst introducing slightly longer distances. Like our blue squad program we require all Junior Squad swimmers to attend a minimum of two sessions per week.

2. Blue squad

Blue Squad is where our swimmers are first introduced to slightly more intensive sets. However, technique and skill set development always remain our main focus in blue squad as all our swimmers still require much more development on their strokes. Swimmers in blue squad would normally have already competed in swim meets and shown potential and enthusiasm to the sport. All blue squad swimmers are required to swim a minimum of two sessions per week.

3. Orange squad

Orange Squad is for our swimmers who wish to take swimming more seriously and who look to compete on a regular basis. We are able to offer our swimmers regular competition by entering school swim meets and Thai club meets. Orange Squad swimmers are also required to swim a minimum of two sessions per week including the 50m Long Course session on Saturday mornings. Our goal in Orange Squad is to try and translate the technical work they have done in previous squads into more intensive sessions. We also offer orange squad a drills only session on Sundays that enables them to further enhance their skill set in the pool.

4. Red squad

Red Squad is our top performance squad. Swimmers in red squad take swimming very seriously and compete on a regular basis. Our swimmers in red squad will focus more on developing different energy systems whilst continuing to develop and perfect their stroke. Swimmers in red squad are required to swim a minimum of two sessions per week including our 50m Long Course session on Saturday mornings. We also offer swimmers in red squad a Drills only session on Sundays enabling them the opportunity to spend a session fully focusing on their stroke technique.