Bangkok Dolphins’ infant program aims to educate parents to ‘teach’ their children water confidence. We approach swimming lessons in a fun and baby friendly environment where both parents and children can relax and enjoy their time spent together.

Infant swimming is not about who can swim first - it is about moving at your child’s own pace and building confidence in the water.


Camp is open to children aged 4 - 12 years. Camp is structured and educational yet fun. Planned games in sport, creative art classes and swimming allow maximum enjoyment. Children are divided into age groups and activities are age group specific. Activities vary so that your child has the opportunity to play a new sport, take a swimming lesson & create something new in art and craft everyday.

Time table & cost

Camp commences at 9.00am daily and concludes at 2.15pm. 7,500B per child, per week. Cost includes all equipment, materials, qualified staff and a nutritious snack and lunch.

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